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Green Growth raises awareness in the Belgian construction industry about the circular economy in construction

The Belgian multiplier event for the Green Growth project was organised on April 2023, 27th by the Centre IFAPME Liège-Huy-Verviers in its premises in Villers-le-Bouillet.

The presentation of the project’s results was offered as part of the Défis des talents (Talent Challenge), a career guidance event during which secondary school pupils are invited to discover and try out different VET careers, and which brings together numerous teachers, trainers, companies, and vocational training stakeholders. Throughout the day, participants were able to stop at the Green Growth stand and find out from the project team about circular economy in the construction sector. Participants were invited to discover and test the various results of the project, in printed form and/or with digital devices.

Participants were generally interested in the project and in the theme of the circular economy, which is still relatively unknown and somewhat abstract for many people. Thanks to the concrete examples gathered in the project’s deliverables, participants were able to understand the interactions between circular economy and the construction sector, linked to the broader theme of preserving the environment and combating climate change.