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Handbook «Circular Economy in practice»

Handbook for construction trainers that includes pedagogical material based on real cases. Download the handbook in Spanish, French, Italian, German and Slovenian.

Course on circular economy skills

MOOC for sectoral trainers on circular skills to promote to trainees as a cross-cutting subject.

App on circular principles in renovation works

App for workers and SMEs to support them to apply circular principles in building renovation works, including the different stages.

Case studies and exercises for trainers

Pedagogical material on the application of the circular economy in practice for construction trainers.

Circular Economy recommendations

Roadmap for the adoption of the circular economy in VET centres to consolidate a lasting strategy in the operation and organisational culture of VET institutions

Visual identity

Download the communication and dissemination materials of the project:
- Green Growth logotype.
- Project Identity Handbook.
- Green Growth brochure.
- Roll up de Green Growth.