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Green Growth context

The construction sector plays an important role in achieving Europe’s 2050 climate neutrality target, as this sector is in responsible for more than 35% of the total waste generation in the EU (Eurostat, 2016). 

The Circular Economy Action Plan identifies the productive activities of the construction sector as key chains for the circular economy and supports measures that will have a deep impact on the skills and competences needed in professionals, especially at the demolition stage – during dismantling, reuse, recovery or disposal of construction materials – according to the European Construction Sector Observatory (ECSO).

Europe supports the modernisation of VET by adopting innovative approaches and digital technologies for teaching and learning, and by supporting the professional development of VET teachers, trainers and mentors both in training institutions and in work environments. Recently, Fundación Laboral has endorsed the Pact for Skills in Construction Sector, initiated by the European Commission in the framework of the “European Skills Agenda“, and promoted by the main sectoral organisations at European level: FIEC, EFBWW and EBC.

In this way and through the results developed in Green Growth, measures for the reduction of the impact of the construction sector on CO2 emissions are addressed, reinforcing the aspects of the circular economy as a transversal competence for the professionals involved in the construction process.

To this end, the Green Growth project and the results achieved provide trainers and vocational training centres with knowledge and methodologies that enable them to transfer the necessary skills to construction professionals.