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Green Growth context

Climate change affects the European countries at a dizzying rate, it modifies their ecosystems and has an impact on the economy, and on the health and wellbeing of their citizens.

According to the World Green Building Council, the European construction industry generates 36% of all EU emissions, 40% of energy consumption, 50% of extracted materials, 21% of extracted water and 18 million jobs in Europe.

Against this backdrop, the Circular Economy is defined as the best strategy to boost the sector, at national and European level, making it more sustainable and competitive. However, moving from a linear to a circular economy is not easy, and produces mismatches between labour market needs and labour supply.

That is why Green Growth responds to the source of problem. It offers a training strategy that makes the Circular Economy a cross-cutting subject in the sector’s Vocational Training. Enabling construction workers and SMEs to work using circular criteria for resource use and efficient or sustainable management.

The sector will be able to respond to the demands of the new green buildings, which are on the rise, and to the new regulations on waste management and emissions. It will also be able to reduce its carbon footprint through the use of innovative ‘eco’ materials and digital construction techniques.