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The course on ‘Circular economy skills for VET trainers in construction’ is now available

Green Growth launches the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to contribute to the lifelong learning of construction trainers, offering a cross-cutting circular economy approach

Starting in February 2023, Vocational Education and Training (VET) trainers of the sector interested in updating and/or improving their circular economy skills can follow the Green Growth online course, which is free of charge. It is a self-training MOOC, designed by European VET organisations, which also serves as teaching resource for trainers and contributes to the further dissemination and application of circular principles in the construction sector in Europe.

The course has a duration of 8 hours divided into an introductory module and 5 training pills:

  • Introduction to circular economy (3 hours duration).
  • Training pills (5 hours total duration):
    • Pill 1: Embedded energy in the construction sector (1h).
    • Pill 2: Level(s): European framework for sustainable buildings (1h).
    • Pill 3: BIM and sustainable construction (1h).
    • Pill 4: Guide to sustainable materials (1h).
    • Pill 5: Reuse in construction (1h).

The contents of this course were tested through five pilots carried out in the countries of the partnership (Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Slovenia), in which more than fifty teachers from the sector participated.