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New handbook on circular economy in construction for trainers

The Green Growth project publishes a handbook to provide resources and training tools for VET teachers on circular economy and its practical applications in construction.

Green Growth starts the new year publishing a manual for trainers on ‘The circular economy applied to the construction sector’ which aims to explain what this economic model consists of and its basic principles; as well as other objectives, such as:

    • To identify the phases of the life cycle of buildings and the impacts generated in each phase.
    • To know the tools that exist to measure or facilitate the use of the circular economy in the sector.
    • To identify the strategies for implementing the circular model in each phase of the building process.
    • To learn about the new business models arising from the application of the circular economy.
    • To show the European policies applicable to the built environment in this field.

The document available in all languages of the partnership (English, Spanish, FrenchItalianGerman and Slovenian) ) develops a training path that will allow teachers in the construction sector to get a global idea of the circular economy and how it can be applied to the sector.